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For door openings up to and including 10'-0" wide x 10'-0" high
Blower Assembly
A high volume, low pressure system maintains uniform seal
operation - even in the event of a tear of puncture.


Seals will accommodate trailer sizes ranging from 8'-0" to
8'-6" wide and 12'-6" to 13'-6" high.
Neat Retraction
Maintenance free internal activators retract the inflatable
drop header and side pads into a "stored" position, away
from the door opening, when not in use.
Door sizes up to 10'-0" wide x 10'-0" high allow this seal
to be utilized on both new and existing structures.
Ease of Connection
Single phase wiring, on 120/240 Volt, allows for hookup to
an existing power source thereby eliminating the need for
costly new wiring.
Energy Savings

Bondor's Model EWA-25

When in use, the truck seal forms a tight gasket between
your building and the trailer thus reducing air conditioning
and heating loss as well as product damage.
Surrounds truck opening providing a superior seal,
full load access, and an attractive design.
Rugged VCP Fabric
Full 25" Projection
Vinyl coated polyester cover fabric combines flexibility
for a tight seal, with abrasion resistance for long life.
The seal projects a full 25" from the building face to form a
tight seal even where compression seals or shelters are
Standard color is black with other colors available
upon request.

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ORDER:  MODEL EWA-25    -    PRICE: $1,790.00

NOTES:  A) Price includes all necessary mounting brackets and hardware except building fasteners.
                B) We invite you to let our engineers review your dock seal application. Complete the truck dock dimension
                     sheet on our contact page and we will confirm your dock seal selection.



Truck Dock Seals
Truck dock seals shall be Bondor Inflatable Wrap-Around Truck Seals, Model No. EWA-25, as manufactured by the
Bondor Division of FS Industries, Providence, RI. Truck seals are to fit door opening sizes of up to 10'-0" wide x 10'-0"
high with an overall projection of up to 25". Seals are to cover a truck size range of 8'-0" to 8'-6" wide and 12'-6" to
13-6" high and are to provide an unobstructed entry into both the trailer and the loading dock door.
Units are to be of one-piece, unitized construction delivered completely assembled on 3/4" exterior grade plywood to
be opened up by means of hinged sections into a three-sided unit ready for immediate installation. No velcro fasteners,
separate sleeves, or ducts shall be required to fit one section to another. Inflatable header and side pads are to include
a weepage system that allows for moisture drainage with the seal in either the inflated or deflated position. This system
is to eliminate the buildup of water or snow. An integral retraction system is provided to position the deflated seal away
from the door opening when not in use.
Cover Material:
Inflatable header and side pads are to be 22 oz. vinyl coated polyester.
Blower Assembly:

1/3 Hp., 115/230 Volts, single phase motor with thermal overload protection and a die cast aluminum fan housing.

Consider Energy Loss
Bondor Inflatable Truck Seals offer a safe, efficient way to insulate your loading dock by acting as a gasket between
the building and trailer during loading operations. Whether your plant is heated or refrigerated, temperature is
maintained throughout all loading operations and energy loss is minimized.
Consider Security
Your loading docks are completely sealed during loading or unloading operations, insuring the safety of both cargo
and building.
Consider Your Entire Loading Operation
The Bondor Inflatable Truck Seal is inflated after the truck is in place, forming a draft-free passageway between
building and trailer and providing complete protection for your employees. Inflated by a low pressure blower that
allows flexibility while maintaining an airtight seal, the Bondor Truck Seal is ideal for metal buildings as it exerts
almost no pressure on building walls.