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3 and 4 sided Inflatable Rail Car Truck Seals
4-Sided Inflatable Rail Car Seal 3-Sided Inflatable Rail Car Seal

Bondor Inflatable Rail Seals' "all rectangular" design eliminates cropping of corners providing full access to door opening width. Two basic models offer maximum flexibility in sealing a variety of railside dock conditions. A 3-sided inflatable may be used where a loading dock protrudes from the building face. Bondor 4-sided, inflatable rail seals provide the finest railcar to building seal. Pressure against the railcar on all 4 sides assures a constant gasketing effect minimizing heat or refrigeration loss. Material is 18 ounce vinyl coated nylon. Shock cords are provided to help eliminate sag of deflated seal. Each rail seal includes a standard blower with a heavy duty 1/3 h.p., 115 volt, single phase blower with a die case aluminum housing. Electric control switch by others. A galvanized weathershield is provided for protection if blower is to be externally mounted.

The Bondor Dock Seal is inflated after the rail car is in place, forming a draft-free passageway between warehouse and rail car, providing complete protection for your employees. Inflated by a low pressure blower, allowing flexibility while maintaining an airtight seal, Bondor is ideal for metal building wall because it exerts almost no pressure on the building wall.

Bondor Inflatable Dock Seals offer a safe, efficient way to insulate you loading docks. Whether you are heating or
refrigerating your plant, Bondor Inflatable Dock Seals act as a gasket between building and rail truck during loading
operations. Energy loss is minimized because the temperature in your plant is maintained throughout all loading operations.

Your loading dock is completely sealed during loading and unloading operations, insuring the safety of both cargo
and plant.