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TS2000 Series Rigid Dock Shelters for door openings up to 10 ft w x 12 ft high

TS2000 Series Rigid Truck Dock Shelter

The Series 2000 rigid dock shelter provides excellent weather protection for a wide range of truck and building variations, while yielding unobstructed accessibility to the interior of the vehicle.

Flexible "scotchply" stays ensure that head and side curtain pressure is maintained on the truck body. while compressible neoprene cords conform to the vehicle's irregular perimeter, guaranteeing a snug fit.

Fiberglass translucent panels secured to the exterior of the structural frames protect the dock area, while allowing natural light penetration. The raked head frame peaked at center provides adequate drainage. A dock shelter constructed of our superior performance 22 oz vinyl fabric ensures maximum durability.

Aluminum polished trim angle perfects corner appearance. Factory painted, structural steel channel guard configurations prevent damage to your dock shelter from mis-aligned trucks. Covered foam cushions prevent bottom corner air filtration and complete the shelter enclosure. Wind straps protect head curtain from uplift wind damage. Highly visible yellow strip facilitates accurate truck alignment.