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Wheel Chair Ramps

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all buildings must be accessible to disabled
persons. Failure to comply may result in monetary damages and civil penalties. According to
ADA rules and regulations, for every inch of rise you must have a foot of ramp in length.
wheel chair ramps
Types of Wheel Chair Ramps
Telescopic Ramps
Roll-O-Wheel Ramps
Telescopic Wheel Chair Ramp • Serrated Top Provides
   Positive Traction
• Lightweight Aluminum
• Usable Curb Height:
   2 1/4"
• Easily Portable
• Sold as a Pair
Roll-O-Wheel Wheel Chair Ramp • Grated Top Provides
   Positive Traction
• Wheels On Curb Of Ramp
   For Easy Portability
• Beveled Edges For Smooth
   Transition Between Ramp
   and Ground
Fold-A-Way Ramps
Grate Ramps
Fold-A-Way Wheel Chair Ramp • Slip-Resistant Top
   Provides Positive Traction
• Lightweight Aluminum
   & Easily Portable
• 2 Handles For Easy
• Sold as a Pair
Grate Wheel Chair Ramp • Grated Top Provides
   Positive Traction
• S
emi-permanent Ramp
Ideal For High Traffic Use
• Lightweight Aluminum
   & Easily Portable
Handrails Are Available
Suitcase Ramps
The Suitcase Wheel Chair Ramp is made from lightweight aluminum and folds up for easy transporation.
• Serrated Top With Debris Slots
   Provides Positive Traction
• Lightweight Aluminum Construction
• Folds Up For Easy Transportation
• Usable Curb Height: 1 1/4"
• Assembly Required
Suitcase Wheel Chair Ramp
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Wheel Chair Ramp Prices
Model No.
Ramp Type
Dimensions (W x L)
7 7/8" x 88"
550 lbs
65 lbs (Pair)
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9 7/16" x 72"
550 lbs
38 lbs
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7 7/8" x 120"
550 lbs
77 lbs (Pair)
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36" x 132"
500 lbs
177 lbs
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36" x 168"
500 lbs
227 lbs
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36" x 48"
500 lbs
97 lbs
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28" x 72"
500 lbs
33 lbs

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