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Versatile hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers
Edge-of-Dock Leveler
DLM Mechanical
Edge-of-dock Leveler

DLM Hydraulic
Edge-of-Dock Leveler

DLM Mechanical Dock Levelers
DLM Hydraulic Dock Levelers
DLM "DM" Series Mechanical
Pit Mounted Dock Leveler
DLM "DH" Series Hydraulic
Pit Mounted Dock Leveler
DLM "DA" Series
Air Powered Dock Leveler
Truck Actuated
Dock Levelers
Manual Powerstop
Vehicle Restraint
Automatic Powerstop
Vehicle Restraint
Dock Lifts
Model LD
Lo-Dock Levelers

Versatile hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers are offered in a range of sizes and applications to accomodate your specific application. Pit mounted, hydraulic, mechanical, and edge of dock are four of the main types of dock levelers available.

When properly installed and operated, periodic lubrication should be the only maintenance required to your dock leveler. Grease fittings are provided along the hinge and lift arm assemblies. Hydraulic dock levelers have a self-bleeding hydraulic system with an ample one gallon capacity.

The sophisticated design of the mechanical leveler allows all adjustments to be made via two nuts - one for counterbalance of the deck and one for the lip. Each is front mounted for easy access.

Top of dock levelers are also available for little or no change required to your existing dock. Top of dock levelers are a low cost way of accomodating your older dock. There is no requirement for a pit.