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One-piece unitized construction
Inflatable Truck Dock Seals

Wrap-Around Inflatable
Truck Seal (Model EWA25)
Inflatable Truck Seal
(Model BT88)
Wrap-Around Inflatable
Truck Seal (Model RWA25)

Flexible material forms a tight gasket between the truck and your building, reducing loss of heated or conditioned building air. Tight seal can reduce product damage in bad weather and decrease the losses resulting from pilferage.

Seals are inflated by a low pressure blower, providing a tight seal without exerting damaging pressure on your building or endangering your personnel.

Inflatable truck seals are provided with elastic shock cords to eliminate sagging of the deflated material and retract the seal neatly against the building.

Bondor Inflatable Dock Seals are of a one piece unitized construction shipped ready for quick and simple installation. The seal fits flush around an 8' x 8' door opening, and the Bondor seal is designed to easily frame down oversize doors where necessary. The nominal inside opening when inflated is 7'4" x 7'10" high. For serving trucks of varying heights, a weighted drop curtain may be furnished adding greater flexibility to the range of truck sizes to be sealed. Standard projection is 20", inflation time is 10 seconds. 30" projection models are ideal for edge of dock (EOD) levelers. Material is 22 ounce vinyl coated nylon. Each dock seal includes a standard blower with a 1/4 h.p., 115 volt, single phase shaded pole motor with thermal overload protection.